Mold in the News

Thank you for joining us tonight.  My name is Spencer Spore and I will be your news anchor for this evening.  And wait just a minute, I have a story coming in as we speak — this just in:  black mold!  It’s insidious and can get into just about any home.  These mold stories are scary and real, so brace yourself!


This just in…mold!!

Our first story this evening comes to us from Texas.  Melinda Ballard and her family were a typical family until her three-year-old became severely ill with a host of ailments, including coughing up blood and stomach pain.  Soon, Melinda and her husband began to experience similar symptoms and, in addition, new symptoms such as memory loss.  Eventually, the Ballard family had to abandon their home and all belongings.  Everything in their Texas home was infested with black mold.  No one without a biohazard suit was allowed in the house.

And now, for our next news story this evening, heeeeerrrrrreeeee’s Ed!  Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s former co-host, alleged that the dangerous black mold killed his beloved dog in 2002.  According to the iconic TV show host, his insurance company failed to fix a broken pipe in his house properly and, as a result, his 8,000 square-foot home in Beverly Hills was taken over by black mold.  Mr. McMahon sued his former insurance agency for $20 million for damages, clean-up, expenses incurred, and repairs needed to make his home livable again.  McMahon stated that a water pipe in his den exploded and flooded, causing water damage to his home. When a repair company was sent to fix the damage, they painted over the mold and did not inform Mr. McMahon about the issue.  Soon there after, McMahon and his wife became ill.  Eventually, their beloved dog, Muffin, developed severe respiratory illness and died.  It is speculated that the mold infestation of his home also set into motion many illnesses that, in addition to bone cancer, took Mr. McMahon’s life.


A $2.7 million award was granted to Darren and Marcia Mazza and their son, Bryce, of Sacramento, California in 2001 after water seeped from a pipe into an air vent.  Due to the moisture in the air vent, black mold soon developed there and was transported throughout the apartment via the ventilation system.  Soon, their apartment was infested with the toxic mold.  The lawsuit contained six causes of action: negligence, breach of contract and the implied warranty of habitability, nuisance, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and constructive eviction.  A local medical doctor tested the family and stated that, in his professional opinion, he was certain that the health problems the family was experiencing were related to and caused by their apartment being infested with black mold.  No one in the family had any issues with allergic reactions before this incident.

And that’s it for Mold in the News, thank you for joining me this evening.  This is your host, Spencer Spore, signing off, wishing you a pleasant evening, sleep tight, and don’t let the mold spores bite.