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remove black mold

Before you attack that mold on your own like our intrepid space explorer Bianca above, below are some questions to ask yourself to ensure you can complete your do-it-yourself project safely and effectively.

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

Depending on the situation, you can easily remove mold yourself.  Before attempting such an endeavor, be sure to check the following:

1)   Is the total mold area less than 10 square feet (or approximately 3 ft by 3 ft)?  If so, then you have a candidate for a do it yourself job.  There are other factors to consider, however;

2)   Is the mold growing because of a wet area that is caused by sewage or another contaminated water source?  If so, then we highly recommend you cut the do-it-yourself plans short, and look to hire a professional.  If the moisture is not coming from a contaminated source, however, then check the next step;


3)   Do you have a compromised immune system or are you especially sensitive to mold exposure?  If this is the case, then hiring a professional might be preferable to dealing with health issues related to the mold.

do-it-yourself-mold-removalIf you’ve cleared the questions above, then you my friend are ready to attack your mold problem head-on.  Before you go in with bleach a-blazing, however, adopt a safety-first attitude by checking our page on preparing to remove mold yourself.

Special Note:  If your mold problem is located in your air conditioning (HVAC) system, do not turn on your  a/c.  Doing so may cause mold spores to spread throughout the house through the air ducts.  Mold in your HVAC system is a special case that is different from other situations.  Check out our Mold in HVAC page for special instructions.

3 thoughts on “Do it Yourself

  1. I’ve read about making a mold cleaning solution of vinegar, Hydrogen peroxide and borax. Will the low ph of the vinegar and the high ph of borax offset the benefits of each other?

  2. Hi Dan. Yes, I believe the ph will balance out. You do not have to mix them together. Just choose one of them and stick with that. If it doesn’t work, try the other on its own, depending on the issue you are dealing with. Good luck!

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