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Typically, you do not need to test for mold.  It is more important to just remove it because all molds are unwanted guests in your home.  Mold tests are not always 100% accurate, but you can learn more about the fungus from the test.  If you do need to identify the type of mold and want to learn more about what is growing in your house, we have searched leading product review sites for you and have found the top mold test kits:


PRO-LAB Mold Test Kit

1. Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit    Approx Cost: $9.98

Approx lab cost: $40     Total: $49.98


2. Home Mold Laboratory    Approx Cost: $9.95

   Approx lab cost: $30     Total: $39.95



3. Mold Armor Test Kit         Approx Cost: $7.97

  Approx lab cost: $40 (optional)     Total: $7.97-$47.97


4. Healthful Home 5-Min Test          Approx Cost: $39.99

   Approx lab cost: $0        Total: $39.99



Mold tests typically require that you take a sample of the potential mold and send it into a lab for analysis.

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